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Wildflower Brewing 'Common Ground Autumn Ale: Harvest 2019'

alc/vol: 6.1%


'The second edition in our ongoing collaborative project with Dane and Hannah of Momento Mori wines. These beers are made without the addition of our house culture and instead see uninoculated wort pitched on top of fermented, macerated, pressed grape skins from the making of their wines. This ale was made back in 2019 with the skins of Greco grapes which spent 10 months macerating to make MM's 'Give up the Ghost' 2019. After the skins were lightly pressed and sent to us, we pitched our Gold wort on top of them and allowed the yeast (which was somewhat surprisingly still active after all that time) to commence and complete the beer fermentation. The beer and skins soaked together for 10 months before bottling in October 2020 and conditioning for nearly two years before release. ' - Producer's notes

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