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Ortiz Anchovies


Ortiz anchovies are sourced and prepared on the same day to preserve natural flavour and freshness. They are salted for a period of 6-12 months before being washed, trimmed and filleted by hand. The fish are then canned in olive oil. The result is a plumper fillet of fish that retains the natural sweetness of the fresh product. The texture is luxuriously creamy and melt in the mouth.

Ortiz dates back 100 years when founder, Bernando Ortiz de Zárate, began the company by sourcing fresh fish from local fisherman in Northern Spain. In order to sell the fish further inland, Bernando began preserving it with pickle and wooden barrels. As Ortiz began to flourish, mobile factories were set up along the coast so that fish could be sold fresh off the boat. Fast forward to today, these mobile factories have been replaced with permanent facilities. The strong commitment to sourcing the finest quality of fish has never wavered, and Ortiz continues to maintain the impeccable standard of preserving quality. Ortiz is run by the family’s 5th generation, and is considered one of the most recognisable canned fish brands in the world.

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