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Why write a blog?

Why write a blog?-Sonny's Wine Shop


We are starting this blog as we have a passion for sharing our love of beverages! In normal times we would be able to showcase this with regular tastings and through our service at Santino’s and Kneading Ruby. However, with the lockdown, I have turned to writing. Both as the means to talk about Viniculture (all things wine making) and Viticulture (the art/science of growing grapes), but also as a means of stress relief – one of, no doubt, a million people. I also hope it will help to keep me engaged with the Wollongong community and hone my knowledge for when we re-open.

We hope to regularly add to the blog, focusing on different topics. Answering the questions we regularly cover with guests, in the shop and the restaurant. To start the ball rolling we will cover some basics of wine making with ‘Wine 101’ and follow up with a focused look on one of the most popular styles at the moment: Pét-Nat!

Feel free to ask any burning questions you have in store or fire them over to, you may inspire the next article. Follow along on this journey with us on the blog located on this website, hopefully we will help you fall as deeply in love with our favourite vice and I will re-learn how to write succinctly.

While I will be taking point in this endeavour, with a focus on all things wine, I plan to cajole my colleagues into occasionally contributing. We have a diverse background of experiences and passions which I hope to bring to our blog. Here’s looking to Fred for a Whiskey/Whisky masterclass…

So firstly let’s introduce the team who you will be on this journey with…

David joined the team in January 2021, bringing his passion for wine and education to the Santino’s team. He started his hospitality career nearly seven years ago in a Country House Hotel back in rural England and has been working with wine ever since. Having run beverage programs at various venues, most recently in Melbourne, he passed his WSET level 3 back in 2016 and is currently working towards the Diploma. Drawn to wine for the combination of history, culture, linguistics and of course, it’s deliciousness. He has also studied tea with the UK Tea Academy, cocktails with EBS Barcelona and completed the WSET Sake level 1. His favourite drinks include Northern Rhone Syrah, a good fino de Jerez, vermouth and negronis. In his free time; he writes, runs, plays D&D and ‘tastes' wine as part of his studies.

Adam Torgussen joined the team in late 2020 kicking off at Kneading Ruby & moving down to Restaurant Santino as the assistant manager. Adam started out his career as a junior pastry chef at the tender age of 16. Adam quickly established his love for not only food, but for the beverage & service side of hospitality and moved to front of house working at a range of Michelin star restaurants as a waiter as well as within management. Adam’s favourite wine is sparkling and has a tendancy to love the traditional wines from France & Spain. Adam is also passionate about cocktails, especially the classics where he can spend hours making exciting variations for customers. Adam has completed a WSET level 2 and 3

William Nguyen joined the Kneading Ruby team in 2020 after a two-year stint running Night Parrot Wine bar in the heart of Wollongong. His knowledge & passion for wine was clear and it was a very easy decision to have him move down to Globe Lane and run Sonny’s Wine Shop. Will comes from a family of restauranteurs, hence his history within hospitality started out from a young age. A Wollongong local he is passionate about minimal intervention wines and sustainability in the hospitality and wine industry. Will has recently completed his WSET level 2 and looking to expand his knowledge & education further

Keep your heads up and masks on and I hope to welcome you back to the restaurant in no time, potentially armed with new knowledge. Besos y abrazos. 

(David Bosanquet, Manager/Somm - Restaurant Santino)

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